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Opti-mystic meditations: Spirit. Culture. Permaculture.

Who is Mike Morrell..? (Or, what can be intelligibly said about him?)

Thanks for spending some time on my blog. Just who am I, anyway? That’s a fair question, and a common-enough one in today’s information age. Yet is it really all about me? Can we really, meaningfully summarize ourselves by listing our interests and affiliations, opinions and accomplishments? Or is this all so much ego ephemera?

I don’t know.

But in the interest of sharing something with you here, here goes:

I’m a wannabe mystic and prophet, husband and father, lover and friend. I’m also a graced, aspiring opti-mystic friend of God in the way of Jesus – like many other scoundrels, ne’er-do-wells, and would-be saints.  I live in Raleigh, NC, with my wife Jasmin and two girls.

Vocationally, I’m the Communications Director for Presence, an Integral biblical studies nonprofit dedicated to building bridges – helping us meet one another at the intersection of Mystery and humility. I’m also brewmaster for the Speakeasy Network, the most awesome cohort of faith and culture bloggers and podcast hosts on the planet. (Join us!)

I’m an occasional freelance journalist and publishing consultant. This stems out of my love for reading – everything from nonfiction spirituality and history and current events, magic realist novels, science fiction, and comic books – as well as my love for writing, in many of the same genres and mediums. I cut my teeth as an editor with TheOoze.com around the turn of the century, and these days ply my trade as a freelance editor and librarian for what is arguably the web’s most extensive (at 8,000 links and counting!) alt.Christian web directory, zoecarnate.com

I am a ‘paused’ participant in the Strategic Foresight M.A. program, begun under director Jay Gary. I hope to finish it sometime soon – or see what Jay’s up to at LeTourneau University! My foresight passion lies in the intersection of media, food systems, and sustainable futures, creating usable futures to function resiliently in a generative economy.

I am a founding organizer of the Wild Goose Festival, and proud participant.

As far as faith expression goes, I’m all over the map. I grew up in the SBC, A/G, and PCA. After being simultaneously enriched and befuddled by the acronyms, I spent a decade being shaped by (and shaping) intentional house church communities. I then became the Forrest Gump of the Emerging Church. These days I appreciate all streams of the Christian family, as well as those of other faiths or none at all. I fellowship with the crews of both North Raleigh Community Church and Trinity’s Place, finding myself in a place of spiritual simplexity – drawing from the vast array of theologies, spiritualities, and praxes intersecting in the noosphere today, and circling around to the primal of joy of all-encompassing inclusion in the great dance of Abba, Isa, and Ruah – and the wordless Mystery that lies beneath.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to connect with you on this blog, as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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  1. Lee Warren

    Mike, this is a little strange, but after reading “who you are” you won’t think so. I came back to your website looking for your notes from some conference that I remembered you attended where Cynthia B was speaking. I’d downloaded the notes in a single compilation rather than from different blogs and I wanted to pass that link along – of all the notes. So, when I come to this site – after having just attended Co-Creation in Greensboro – and see that your notes were from an earlier Co-Creation conference . . . I’m thinking, did I see you in Greensboro last weekend? And you’re in Raleigh?! I hadn’t noticed that part when I found the notes last year. Interesting. I live in South Hill, VA and my headquarters is in Raleigh as I work for Stop Hunger Now.

    I’m thinking I might have seen a guy that looked similar to your picture in the swing last weekend. Did I?

    I signed up for Co-Creation because I learned from a Raleigh friend that CB was going to be there. I’m currently in Richard Rohr’s two-year Living School and CB is one of the faculty. What I got from CB was review. What I got from Phyllis Tickle was a game changer.

    I have a lengthy story of a long time Christian seeker, loving the mystical tradition, Duke Divinity after my children left home, a Licensed Local Pastor in the UMC until homosexuality split the church and I was terminated (I supported inclusivity), and an immediate hiring to work for Stop Hunger Now in 2006, giving up my clergy credentials in 2008 as I headed into the desert.

    CB and Rohr were some of the authors that helped me navigate these years and lead me to this past weekend where I affirmed I was on the Christian path for the long haul. I’m back.

    But . . . I’m looking for community. I have heard from a colleague mention of Wild Goose but I don’t know what it is. There are no churches here that offer anything comparable to what a Sunday morning meditation and run up at Kerr Lake brings me, but I am seeking community closer than Albuquerque. I sensed I was getting closer to it after meeting so many people from NC this past weekend.

    What’s happening down in Raleigh?! Where are the people who are forming the Emergent Church?

    Thanks for listening and thanks for transcribing your notes. I have transcribed all of the Living School lectures because I can’t remember squat otherwise.

    (Mrs.) Lee (the spelling of my name confuses folks)

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