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“Farewell, Divine Dance”? An Open Letter to The Gospel Coalition.

I wondered if the Reformed blogosphere was going to issue a ‘strong warning’ against The Divine Dance. Mark Driscoll told his then-congregation “Have you read The Shack? Don’t,” and John Piper infamously tweeted “Farewell, Rob Bell” when Rob dared question the eternal-conscious torment party line in Love Wins, so I was curious if my former tribe of more conservative-leaning Calvinists […]

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Divine Dance – The Creative Process of God – Micah Redding

To celebrate the release of The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation with Richard Rohr and me, I’ve asked some of the most radiant and gifted thinkers, teachers, and practitioners I know to share their reflections on why Trinity matters. This week I share a think-piece by friend, musician, Mensa, and founder of the Christian Transhumanist […]

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