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A Messy and Beautiful Thanksgiving.

I’m having complicated feelings this Thanksgiving. While there may have indeed been pockets of genuine hospitality and mutual material and cultural exchange between early ‘pilgrims’ and indigenous inhabitants of this land, our subsequent actions of genocidal erasure toward those who lived in harmony with this land for 10-14,000 years prior makes this holiday’s deployment in […]

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An Immanent God Meets Us in Our Pain: Science Mike & ‘Mystic’ Mike Mix it Up!

A few days ago, before the sold-out Evolving Faith Conference kicked off at Montreat, ‘Science’ Mike McHargue and I were able to grab an hour together to talk about some of our most vulnerable experiences with God, and how these encounters have impacted our approaches to life. We discuss the potent idea of panentheism – […]

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Frank Viola’s Lighter Side

…So: I’m one of the last people to interact with this today, I’m sure. But Frank Viola, recently a blogger, has started a podcast of sorts. Today he asks an interesting (if basic) question here regarding the sheer variety of readings of Scripture, and its consequences. Though he doesn’t always enable comments, they are open […]

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