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Standing Rock from the Other Side of the World – by Katie Jo Suddaby

My friend Katie Jo, currently on an artistic and humanitarian trip in Nepal, hand-wrote the following post and sent it to me across spotty wifi, asking if I could share her perspective on the Dakota Access Pipeline intrusion on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe sacred grounds. I happily agreed.    From a little café in Pokhara, […]

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Urgent – Saharawi Massacre in Western Sahara

Spain, Morocco, a displaced people and the UN are mixing it up tragically in an unfolding travesty that’s recieving scarce media attention due to journalist expulsions*…this just crossed my desk from an aid worker who’s on the ground. Please read…pray…forward this on…and consider how we might take action: *Update: This human rights abuse does seem […]

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Higher Ground for Jena Tensions?

The world and the blogosphere have been abuzz recently about a racial infraction that seems to have hit an archetypal nerve: A small Louisiana town, a “white’s only” tree in a high schoolyard, black students desiring parity and being threatened with nooses hanging in the tree. A rupture of deep-seated tensions, fights break out, white […]

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