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Wanna Become A Mind-Controlling Cult Leader?

Who doesn’t? Ten years ago – in 1999 – I thought that civilization was going to collapse on January 1, 2000. Not for any divinely-mandated apocalyptic reasons, mind you; it was all about the ‘computer bug.’ Computers would think it was 1900 due to only having two digit-spaces for the year, and all heckfire would […]

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Frank Schaeffer: Pro-Life and Pro-Obama

Note: This Post Has Been Largely Updated by To Vote or Not to Vote? An Election Links Roundup Since I seem to be kinda political this week, let me mention one other story that got my attention recently: Frank Schaeffer, scion of intellectual fundamentalist demigod Francis Schaeffer, has come out in support of Barak Obama…on […]

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On The Use of Power

Power…what is it? How do we use it? Should we use it? These are some of the questions I ponder as I read chapter 12 in The Leadership Experience for my Strategic Foresight program with Jay Gary. This book has been quite helpful to me in surveying the Leadership field and finding my idiosyncratic place in […]

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