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We’re Parents! She Is Born!

It happened one week ago today: Jasmin had contractions at 8:00am last Sunday morning and by 12:50 in the afternoon little Jubilee Grace Morrell entered the world! She came out super fast; we almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time! Because we were doing a Bradley Method husband-coached childbirth, we intentionally spent most […]

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It’s been forever since I’ve updated my poor beleaguered Xanga site (partially because I’ve been seduced by Myspace), and I figured that you, my faithful readers (both of you) deserved to know what’s been going on. Well, July is here, and I think it will prove to be a fateful month in the life of […]

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Goodness Me…

…that last entry sounded pretty morbid, huh? Well rest assured, the two of you who cared (just kidding, there were at least three of you :p ) A good deal of the fog has lifted. Grace shows up in the least expected pockets of reality sometimes, and she breathes her gentle absolution into your lungs, […]

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The Scare of My Life

Okay, so where to begin? These days I’ve graduated, and so naturally I began the whole job search thing. I looked into some stuff with Delta as well as these commercial cleaning contracts I was bidding on; none of this comes through. FINALLY I get a call, it’s Borders Bookstore. They want to hire me […]

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Graduating Berry and Transitions…

Yeah, so I graduated this past Saturday…pretty surreal. And then, you just wake up the next morning! I will write for a living, this I say with steely resolve. None of that 9-5 nonsense! (Probably more like 8-7, but you know…)In the meantime, though, I’ll take any part-time wage-slave job, just to pay some billage. […]

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