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Putting on the Breastplate of St. Patrick: A 21-Day Challenge

Today is the Feast of Saint Patrick—or Lá Fhéile Pádraig, “the Day of the Festival of Patrick.” It’s a time many around the world celebrate by wearing green, eating and drinking terribly-dyed green things. But on a deeper level, it’s a time of celebrating the gifts of the Irish people and the quasi-legendary Saint Patrick, […]

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The Words Of The Candle | Naim Frashëri

Here among you have I risen, And aflame am I now blazing, Just a bit of light to give you, That I change your night to daytime I’ll combust and I will wither, Be consumed and be extinguished, Just to give you brightness, vision, That you notice one another For you will I fade and […]

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A Chance to Redefine

It’s a new year, friend. And what a previous year it’s been. I, for one, resolve to remember the lessons of this past year while letting go of their trauma, Savoring the relationships while releasing the heartbreak; Celebrating the amazing growth I’ve experienced while embracing all the parts of me and my world – even the regressive ones that […]

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