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Heart and Mind: Five Keys to Unlocking Gospel Transformation | Alexander Shaia

Mike’s note: This week, Alexander Shaia takes over the blog! He’ll be sharing his insights gleaned from a lifetime of studying (and living) personal transformation, closely based on his explosive book Heart and Mind. Enjoy!  Our world is changing. It is slowly moving away from many years—at least a thousand—of being primarily focused on rationalism […]

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Rethinking the Bible – Faith, Doubt, and Seven Nonviolent Stories | Anthony Bartlett

Mike’s note: This is a Speakeasy-inspired guest-post from Seven Stories: How to Study and Teach the Nonviolent Bible, by my dear friend Anthony Bartlett.  Many Christians have to go through a time and experience of atheism, because the God we have been taught to believe in does not exist. – Richard Rohr, apocryphally I’ve been a student […]

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Psalm 32 – Opening to You.

Happy is the one who is forgiven Whose wound is healed Happy the one restored to your harmony In whose spirit there is no more deceit When I held my silence My bones grew brittle with crying all day For by day and night your hand lay heavy on me And my life’s moisture dried […]

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The Voice of the Psalms: Psalm 65

Here is an excerpt from a Psalm I rendered for The Voice project, Psalm 65: 1 Rapt silence and praise Sweep through the Sacred City, O God Competing to give voice(less) voice to Your goodness Solemn vows uttered to You will now be performed 2You hear us in words and silence; all humanity comes into […]

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