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Mimetic Spirit: Andre Rabe on Imitation, Desire, and a Whole New Faith

Rabe Desire Found Me

Andre Rabe and his wife Mary-Anne are acclaimed traveling teachers and musicians, having lived and served in some of the most obscure corners of the planet. In 2010, with their kids all grown up, Andre and Mary-Anne packed everything they had in two suitcases and took to the road. I recently talked to Andrew to discuss an encounter that changed his life and ministry, culminating in the publication of Desire Found Me.  Andre, what inspired you to write Desire Found Me? About five years ago, Mary-Anne and I entered a lifestyle that is difficult to explain and maybe impossible to grasp unless you do it […]

When college alone doesn’t cut it.


  I’m curious: When did your vocational dreams and realities begin to diverge? For me, it started in college. I was a Journalism major, with minors in Creative Writing and Religion. I lived to get to the bottom of a story, and share that story with passion and craft. I grew up admiring courageous journalists who risked everything to get the story and tell the story. Back then, I figured I’d go to school for four years and be set up for a job I loved. In my case, I was planning to be a newspaper reporter. I was good at it […]