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Gadget Inspector – Say ‘No’ to Cheap, ‘Yes’ to Value

No, Penny, Brain, and Dr Claw are nowhere to be found, but amazing values are laying in wait. A new webproject of mine (among others), GadgetInspector.org has been a lot of fun to work on. We feature the best gadgets and electronics based on Consumer Reports in every category, from laptops to handvacs to electric toothbrushes. We spotlight gadgets and electronics […]

God’s Favorite Place on Earth: Announcing the Lazarus Project

My friend Frank Viola recently released a new book called God’s Favorite Place on Earth. It’s a little book with big ideas, ideas that could shift your relationship with God, bitterness, your conscience, fear, doubt and discouragement. Sound intriguing? It is. It’s a quick, inspiring, and entertaining read. And it made quite a splash last month when […]

Opening Further

Growing up, I wasn’t the most “in-touch” person, physically speaking. I “couldn’t dance” – I “had no rhythm.” I leaned against walls to stabilize myself. I tilted my head in photographs – which means I probably did it all the time. For whatever reason, I felt strongly drawn to a life of the mind, while […]

R.E.M. Live from the Raleigh Underground – October 10, 1982

I’ve lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for nearly seven years. By and large, I love Raleigh – but not all areas equally. Probably my favorite spaces are Hillsborough Street (where my comic shop, Foundation’s Edge, is, as well as awesome restaurants like Neomonde and our local Chipotle), and various pockets of downtown. My least favorite […]

Open or Closed Table Eucharist – WWJD?

The sacred meal that Jesus-followers celebrate, variously called ‘Eucharist’ or ‘Communion’ or ‘Lord’s Supper’ – is both the centerpiece of most Christian worship worldwide, and is also one of the most divisive rites we practice. My friend and Catholic Celtic contemplative (how much more alliteration can I pack into his descriptor – oh I know, […]

Opening Up.

Emerging from Jason Sager’s Rolfing sessions, I’m always in a bit of an altered state. I haven’t felt this as powerfully as in Session Five of the Ten Series, completed Friday. I’m almost preternaturally calm, my breathing is deeper and more even, and I feel relaxation in more areas of my body than I knew existed. […]

Love is Love: Do we believe it?

Calling All Lovers: Augustine (or was it John Caputo?) once famously probed: “What do I love when I love my God?” I think that Tom Oord in his Nature of Love: A Theology begins to take seriously, perhaps for the first time in contemporary theology, ‘God IS Love’ as a starting point for theology, spirituality, and practice. […]

Karma Unbound

(Yes, this is in the key of Radiohead, while imagining Jean Valjean on the run from Javert…for richest effect, play this while reading…) Karma Unbound  O Grace-in-Chief Unbind this man he talks in tongues his heart is like a dirge It’s playing for the mourning O Grace-in-Chief Release this girl Desire bound is bound to press […]

Darkwood Brew: For the Love of God

My friends Eric Elnes, Scott Griessel and company are putting together an awesome Darkwood Brew series I wanted to tell you about. For the Love of God will be addressing the Bible passages that people commonly cite to oppose LGBT equality and adding several more that show that inclusion and acceptance is part of the flow […]

God in the Material World: Altizer and Žižek in the ‘Wake’ of the Death of God

Eccentric visionary and radical theologian Thomas J. J. Altizer created napkin-scribble icons to God’s mysterious demise at Atlanta’s Dark Horse Tavern in the mid-1960s, Carl McColman once told me; 40+ years later, Brittian Bullock and I would sit in the same bar pondering the same thing. Now, about four years after that, I’m once again thinking […]