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Get my new 100+ page BUZZ: The Book for Free!

“Buzz” – everybody with a message wants it. But how do you create it? How can you find your hive? Cross-pollinate with others? Create something sweet? In a new book I contributed to, Buzz: Blue-Collar Blogging & Publishing for Profit, we won’t sell you cheap shortcuts or a get-rich quick scheme. Instead, we draw from our personal […]

How to Come to the Buzz Seminar for “Free”!

The Buzz Seminar registration is in full swing, and brilliant up-and-coming authors and bloggers are registering every day from across the country. We’re proud of how affordable we’ve made registration. As we’ve said on the registration site: The Buzz Seminar is LESS EXPENSIVE than virtually every other event that provides something similar. For example, here are four other […]

My Embarrassing Meeting With a Publisher…

I’ll never forget it: 12 years ago, I was at my first big conference, meeting with publishers. I was in my 20s, still in college, and I lined up face-to-face meetings with editors. Marketers. Decision-makers. I had a book idea that I thought could change the world. Jamie*and I sat at the Starbucks near the […]

Vote on your Favorite Buzz Seminar Logo!

Hi all, The Buzz Seminar is less than six months away and the waiting list is filling up fast. (It’s not too late to get on it yet, though – go here to get on it.) We’ve been tweaking the logo, and I’m curious which one you prefer: Logo A:         …or Logo […]

Take Me to the Bottom of Your Pain (Robert Augustus Masters)

Take me to the bottom of your pain Take me to the weave of your true name Take me, take me to what you require Take me to the heart of the fire Let’s stretch to make the leap Let’s go to where love must also weep Take me to the bottom of your pain […]