Desire Found Me II

Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory with Head AND Heart – “Desire Found Me” available now!

  Mimetic Theory: French anthropologist Rene Girard’s exploration of the nature of violence, sacrifice and scapegoating in global religious cultures has moved from an obscure academic idea to an influential – and exciting – interpretative philsophy among Jesus-followers in recent years, inspiring fresh readings of spirituality, human behavior, Scripture, and the very meaning of Jesus himself. But […]

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3-6-5 4-3-2-1 – Ignition

My heart burned within me like a molotov cocktail Melting atrophied organs of sense and perception Third eyes blinking open from awakenings rude Iridescent night vision seeing sights long subdued. Tricksters, gods and monsters find themselves drawn in To boys kicking off the covers revealing themselves to be men Without apology. Things hidden share secrets […]

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Reimagining How the World is Fed

“Rejuvenating the earth should be the outcome of the food system.” Vandana Shiva made this call for awareness and action last week during her visit to Wake Forest University. On Tuesday, Nov. 4, Shiva lectured as a part of the “Make Every Bite Count” speaker series, organized by the university’s Office of Sustainability and co-sponsored […]

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Mike Nova Blog Pic

Two New Babies

Fall is in the air! I hope this new season is greeting you with grace and opportunity. This week, my family and I celebrate six months with our new addition, Nova Rain! She is adorable – I realize I might be biased. 🙂 I’m also celebrating another baby today – the release of the Buzz Seminar Master Class! This summer, bestselling-author […]

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The Buzz Seminar: Masterclass – Coming Soon

This summer’s Buzz Seminar was a resounding success – it exceeded even our rigorous expectations. Participants shared some humbling and beautiful reflections (see below), and asked us if we were planning on making this training more widely available, as they want their friends and colleagues to be able to take the Seminar in order to ignite their online […]

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