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Morrell Editing Services! In the 2014 Christian Writers’ Market Guide

A basic overview of our fees is below: EDITORIAL SERVICES/MIKE & JASMIN MORRELL, Raleigh NC. E-mail: jasminis [at] gmail [dot] com. GE/LC/B/NL/SP/WS. Edits: A/SS/F/N/NB/BP/QL/JN/PB/BS/GB/E/D. Has edited for Christian publishers and mainstream curriculum publishers. Developmental editing: $.03/word; copy editing $.02/word. Requires 50% of fee upfront. Light requested revisions are included in original fee.

The Holy Water

No one lives outside the walls of this sacred place, existence. The holy water, I need it upon my eyes: it is you, dear, you – each form.       What mother would lose her infant – and we are that to God, never lost from His gaze are we? Every cry of the […]

Attention Authors & Bloggers: Spend 2 Days with Me + a Bestselling Author this July at the BUZZ SEMINAR – We Spill All Our Secrets!

Save the Date: July 4-5th in Orlando, Florida. Through my work with many gifted authors via Speakeasy, two of the most frequently asked questions I get are: 1) How do I get people to read my blog – and actually make money blogging? and 2) I’m a new author and I want to know how […]

When Times Are Tough – Breathe

Have you been having the day from hell? The week? The month? The year? I feel you. I’ve been there. And. I believe that G-D is right here with you; I believe that what is growing is nothing less than the seed of G-D inside you, waiting to be birthed. G-D, transcending and including everything. […]

‘All Will Be Well’ – Polyanna Platitude or Responsible Mystical Theodicy?

I tend not to blog about large-scale disasters. It isn’t that I don’t care, but rather that there’s usually an excess of ‘care’ in the blogosphere around such times (in the form of words, words, words), and really, what else is there to say? I had nothing to say about the earthquake in Haiti besides […]