If You Could | Danny Bryck

I know, I know If you could go back you would walk with Jesus You would march with King Maybe assassinate Hitler At least hide Jews in your basement It would all be clear to you But people then, just like you were baffled, had bills to pay and children they didn’t understand and they […]

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Resistance, Resiliency & Revival | Ashon Crawley & Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

It’s Black History month in the United States. Our new President has rolled out some truly terrifying Executive Orders his first dozen days in office. If you have a pulse you’re doubtless aware, so I won’t take up pixels enumerating them here – ’cause this post isn’t about him. These orders – with their policy and […]

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Toss Aside | Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra

Toss aside your map of the world, All your beliefs and constructs. Dare the wild unknown. Here in this terrifying freedom, Naked before the universe, Commune with the One Who knows everything from the inside: Invisible power pervading everywhere. Divine Presence permeating everything. Breathe tenderly as The lover of all beings. – Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra […]

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Divine Dance: Dancing the Law of Three | Brie Stoner

To celebrate the release of The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation with Richard Rohr and me, I’ve asked some of the most radiant and gifted thinkers, teachers, and practitioners I know to share their reflections on why Trinity matters. This week I share a powerful reflection by friend, musician, dancer, mother and scribe, Brie Stoner! If […]

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Democracy! by Cy Chase

Mike’s note: What follows is an excerpt from Godlings, a whimsical retelling of the Biblical creation story. Author Cy Chase charts an alternative history for the human race. Atom and Erg have traveled through time and space to reach earth, their new home. Atom comes from another planet, and Erg from a ball of light. His skill and her […]

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