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Election Day Communion: Uniting Our Divisions, Body & Soul?

Part 1: Chicken Run Eating. It can unite us, or divide us. How – and with whom – we eat divided many of us as a nation late this summer when news of Chick-Fil-A’s track record of anti-LGBT lobbying hit the mainstream. Progressives were aghast, and conservatives rallied the base. Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee […]

Born Twice: My Adoption Story

October 30th – it’s my birthday today. I turn 33. So it’s only appropriate that I delve into something that I’ve never said here before: I’m adopted. I was adopted from birth. And nearly two years ago, I connected with my biological parents for the first time. I recently sat down with my friend (and […]

Jesus: A Theography – the Sweet/Viola Interview + Recommendation

In the third century, Origen of Alexandria taught that there are four senses of Scripture. In Chanting the Psalms, Cynthia Bourgeault summarizes these as follows: Historical (or “literal”), where Scripture is “all about facts and linear causality” (50). Christological (or “allegorical”), in which “all the stories and images in the Bible [are]…pointing toward the Christ mystery” (51). Tropological (or […]

Praying Is A Heartache

I always hear the most interesting new music on 88.1 in Raleigh – last week was no exception. It turns out it’s not a ‘new’ song, but one from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir‘s 2009 album …And the Horse You Rode On. What first grabbed me was the melody, and then the words. This isn’t exactly where I’m […]

Tech Companies: Masters of Tax Evasion?

What do you think? Created by: www.MastersDegreeOnline.org

Initiate This: My Journey to Authentic Manhood, part 3

As I mentioned in my last post about my AMP Intensive experience, there is a solid theory base that undergirds all of the exercises we go through and games we play. It’s known as the “AMP Holarchy.” What’s a ‘holarchy’? It’s a way of visioning reality as nested, like one of those Russian Matryoshka dolls, layer within […]

Sunday Devotional: Everlasting Gospel

The Vision of Christ that thou dost see Is my Vision’s Greatest Enemy. Thine has a great hook nose like thine; Mine has a snub nose like to mine. Thine is the friend of All Mankind; Mine speaks in parables to the Blind. Thine loves the same world that mine hates; Thy Heaven doors are […]

Initiate This: My Journey to Authentic Manhood, part 2

(Continued from Initiate This: My Journey to Authentic Manhood, Part 1) AMP, or the Authentic Man Program, is (as I understand it) what happens when dating-scene pickup artists collide with the human potential movement in San Francisco: A community developing practical ways to delve deep into your core masculinity in all your relations, particularly those with […]

Initiate This: My Journey to Authentic Manhood, part 1

It was the early 2000s, I was in college, and I rolled my eyes. One of my friends – one among many, it seemed – was enthusiastically recommending John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart. “Men have been captive to excessive feminizing and we need to break free,” he said, earnestly waving the book while he gestured. […]

The Way of the Heart Part 10: Awakening to Direct Knowledge – the Divine Cardio Workout

This continues my series on Cynthia Bourgeault‘s recent day-session at the Servant Leadership School of Greensboro. You can start reading right here, or scroll below to see the previous sessions. BTW, Cynthia was just named Master Teacher at the Rohr Institute’s Living School for Action and Contemplation!   In the ancient anatomies, the overwhelming emotions we now […]