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WCW Wrestler takes on the ROM!

Here is part two of Sgt. Craig ‘The Pitbull’ Pittman taking on the ROM. (Did you miss the first video? It’s right here.) We had a blast filming these; he’s heard me rave about the ROM since I started using it earlier this year. (I think he was impressed that I’m getting any kind of […]

ROM By-the-Numbers: October 18

Range-of-motion results this week: Overall weight: 256 Bodyfat: 29.4%% Muscle: 33.9% A pound a week? I’ll take it! For the whole (health) story-to-date, go here!

ROM By-The-Numbers: October 10

Range-of-motion results this week: Overall weight: 257 Bodyfat: 29.6%% Muscle: 33.7% Slow & steady is winning this race! For the whole (health) story-to-date, go here!

Celebrity ROM I: And My Father-In-Law Is…

So I got my father-in-law in the garage recently to try out the ROM for himself. He can be a bit picky as to his choice of workout equipment – after all, he’s a Marine, Olympian, WCW, and international wrestling veteran. Who is he..? Watch and find out, my friends! For the whole saga-to-date, go […]

ROM Experiences: 30 Years in 30 Days

It’s October 1, 2009 – in 30 days I’ll be 30 years old! Truth be told, I haven’t felt like a twenty-something in years, at least not the kind that marketers market to – getting married and having a child probably effected that. As you know, this year I’ve been using the ROM, a high-end […]

Four Minutes, $14,000 and Thou

I enjoy reading what others are saying about the ROM. I recently came across this article published in the Washington Post a few years back. Here are some highlights: When I heard that a machine could deliver a complete cardio and strength workout in four minutes a day I, like you, yearned to believe. The […]

ROM Experiences: Jeff

I started corresponding with Jeff V. in Maryland about six months ago. I had my ROM for a few months, and he just bought his. Here’s what he told me at the time: I’ve been eyeballing the ROM since the mid ’90’s. I finally got fed up with the standard gym routine. I’m more excited […]

ROM By-The-Numbers: September 17

Range-of-motion results this week, from Dr. Joe Harris at North Raleigh Chiropractic: Overall weight: 258 Bodyfat: 29.8%% Muscle: 32.7% Slow & steady improvement! For the whole (health) story-to-date, go here!

ROM Coach Tips: Challenge Yourself!

Sometimes when doing a workout that’s ‘only’ four minutes its hard to remember why this is such a big deal. It’s then that a deadly apathy can creep in. ROM coach Britt gives us some practical tips to avoid this: Try to beat your own score Keep eye on the computer, make sure push & […]

ROMming Elsewhere: Quick Gym Marietta

An innovative Quick Gym business in Marietta, Georgia – right beside my native Douglasville! With a business startup like this, you too can own your own ROM. 🙂