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ROM Coach Tips: Upper Body

One of the great things about owning a ROM is that you get live support from coaches at the fab ROMfab HQ in Hollywood. Here are some upper-body ROM tips I received from ROM Coach Angela after she saw some of my earliest ROM videos: Make sure there is no more than 2 or 3 […]

ROMming Elsewhere: Other Garages, Other Workouts

It’s heartening to know, when ROM-sweating it  in one’s garage in a boiling southern August, that there are others doing the same. Here are two short, effective clips of Eric doing just this. It’s a garage revolution sweeping neighborhoods across the nation…won’t you join us?

ROM By-The-Numbers: August 10

Range-of-motion results this week: Overall weight: 258 Bodyfat: 31.1% Muscle: 31.9% Visceral: 13 For the whole (health) story-to-date, go here!

The Dark Knight ROMeth!

The caped crusader would be proud of my ROMming this week, with the ever-difficult low-body workout. My comic book/superhero homages continue…

Fitness & Testing For Nutritional Deficiencies

Thus far in my daily range-of-motion routine I’ve seen a consistent loss in fat and consistent gain in muscle. Consistency is good, but it’s been s-l-o-o-o-w. Slow is undoubtedly good for me. But! I’ve also been curious as to whether there might be more going on with me, in me – could there be anything […]

ROM By-The-Numbers: July 17

I feel like I’m finally hitting my range-of-motion stride again. Lower-body workouts remain exhausting and leave me out of breath; I drink a glass of chlorophyll-oxygenated water afterward. (I don’t think that this is a ‘normal’ response to the ROM; in the past couple of years, it seems that I’ve developed a fierce allergic reaction […]

ROMming Elsewhere: Maintenance Video

Cheesy music aside, this short video by a ‘Studio 4’ in California is a great instructional piece on how to set your seat height, leg length, weight and electronics on the ROM. All in all it’s a very simple process, even if you have multiple users (like I do). To see my own video triumphs […]

ROM By-The-Numbers: July 10

So I’m giving the good folks at North Raleigh Chiropractic a Break – instead I’m using a bodyfat scale to check my progress and keep you updated more frequently. This scale measures things a bit differently than Dr. Joe, and unfortunately skews things a bit out of my favor. 🙁 No matter – we’ll go […]

Fat Mikie Works Out

So in this video, I’m doing a little penance for my six-week travel-time fat gain. I have four months to go to meet my 30th birthday goals – are you on pins & needles yet?? Enjoy…

ROMming Elsewhere: International Edition

Out of all of the ‘ROMming elsewhere’ videos I’ve found, this one has to be one of the most entertaining. After all, where else can you hear ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and see folks getting exhausted on four-minute workouts in DUTCH? …to catch my workout videos & whole-health journaling, join me right here…