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The Way of the Heart Part 6: A Rorschach Blot for the Mind

This discussion by Cynthia Bourgeault on Jesus‘ Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard is directly related to yesterday’s post. One level: It’s not fair! Social justice-inclined Christians tend to say: “That’s okay for the Gospels, but in the real world workers need a living wage!” If that’s the case, then welcome to the Jesus Theme […]

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The Way of the Heart Part 4: Heartfulness Practice Transcends & Includes Orthodoxy

Cynthia Bourgeault recites the creeds perfectly happily each Sunday; she’s not denying Christ’s divinity, his personhood in the Trinity, or any core idea of Christian orthodoxy. “It’s true; it’s numinous poetry – I love it.” Seeing Jesus as Wisdom Master is not a demotion. It isn’t making Jesus less than fully human and fully divine; […]

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The Way of the Heart Part 3: Cynthia Bourgealt’s Four Proposals – Beyond ‘The Imitation of Christ’

1.)    Jesus came to this planet as a master of the transformation of consciousness – he’s all about demonstrating and calling people to a new & higher degree of heartfulness; a deeper understanding, a more intimate, global, and non-divisive way of seeing a world held together in tender love. 2.)    This evolutionary consciousness must be […]

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The Way of the Heart – Cynthia Bourgeault Part 2: See What Jesus Sees; Do What Jesus Does

What Is Nonduality? It is unitive vision; uninterrupted sight; what the sages and mystics called union with God. It’s seeing from a whole different perspective. Our field of vision does not natively separate the playing field; our unconditioned eye sees from a kind of wholeness, a single grasp of the bigger picture. We call this nondual seeing. […]

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