Future-Facing Faith: The Foresight Academy with Jared Nichols

Meet my friend Jared Nichols. Jared and I went to college together, and then moved into a neighborhood-based house church with our families. We were even in a graduate program together, in an odd field called Strategic Foresight. For more of our back-story, go here.

Jared and I recently sat down together to talk Foresight, and how a new relationship to the future can transform our relationship to ministry, activism, and art. Here it is…

In this first video, we talk about how take the ‘future’ from the great unknown to the realm of the possible—even ‘wild card’ futures!

How can ministers, artists, and activists move from overwhelm to empowerment? From stress to play?

Strategic Foresight can help your creativity, organizing, and ministry – this is an exciting conversation!

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How do we move from being victims of other people’s futures to proactively creating the future we want to see?

How do artists, activists, ministers, and faith communities apply future-ready faith to:

  • Reverse climate change?
  • Create more just and humane immigration practices?
  • Overhaul our economic systems?
  • Grow our faith communities with those who really want to be here?

(Explore even more in The Foresight Academy!)

I’m an artist. An activist. A minister. A change-maker.

I’ve had a profound experience that’s shaped my life, and calling…and yet.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, my people are burning out.

I want to keep making a difference for years to come, while helping my community survive and even thrive amid these challenges.

What do I do?

In this installment of Future-Facing Faith, Mike and Jared discuss a practical exercise you can try at home—right now—to experience the power of foresight in your life and vocation.

Ready for more exercises? Enroll in The Foresight Academy today.

Where do we go from here? In the final conversation of this series, Mike and Jared dive into a comprehensive, accredited course designed to put the power of tomorrow into our hands today.

We discuss how strategic foresight helps us create a future that is:

  • Conscious
  • Curious
  • Creative
  • Collaborative

Ready to begin your Foresight Academy journey? Enroll here.