ROM Fitness Challenge!

So this story’s pretty wild: ROMFAB, makers of the ultra-high-end ROM four-minute workout machine, have supplied me with with one of their machines to see if it can help make my dreams come true. When the sun sets on the 30th year of my life…who & how will I be?

My goals:

  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Keep up with my growing little girl
  • Think clearer
  • Radiate peace
  • Be the very picture of virility
  • Attain body-mind-spirit health
  • See God

…okay, so a workout machine can’t do all that…but it can help with some! And we’re gonna see if it does. I’ll be working out on the ROM for just four minutes every day, and posting videos and updates regularly. On my blog I’ll be posting reflections on the ROM and other aspects of the above-outlined whole-health journey. Let the ch-ch-ch-changes begin!

Here’s one of my most recent videos:

If you want to skip my blabbering and go straight to the videos, they’ll be uploaded to my YouTube channel as they come out. Alternately, you can subscribe to them here.

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