If God Were To Die Tonight

If God were to die tonight, do you think most Christians would even notice? Or do you think the church world would be business as usual? Would there be any obvious difference in their gatherings, or would they continue with their rituals without noticing? Would their worship change, or will the entertainment that churches offer disguise God’s absence? Would people notice God’s silence in their prayers, or would they keep on hearing God because they make up much this dialogue themselves?

Would their wealth andbenevolence find new outlets, or will preachers keep extorting money with false doctrines? Would they reconsider their hostility towards homosexuals, or would they simply find alternative rhetoric to defend their homophobia? Would they rethink their dogmatic political allegiances, or would they remain pawns of the same ideological con artists? Would anybody know if nobody told them? Or would the whole machine grind on, with the people in the pew, the preacher in the pulpit, and the special offering for the building fund?

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