Soularize: A Learning Party!

Soularize: A Learning Party! It’s amazing. I’ve been to several, and have never been so excited as I am for this one this year from October 25-27 in the Bahamas! We have satirists, scientists, bishops and bohemians, Catholic monks and house church planters–fellowship for all! Not to mention Spencer‘s mad party-throwing skillz…we’ve going to have the opportunity to help reclaim local ecology, swim with sharks, and enjoy indigenous art in the BAHAMAS! I hope you can all make it. What follows are more details from Spencer; register here.

Soularize – a learning party – Oct. 25-27, 2007 * Beyond Our Borders

Two Years in the Planning – Less Than 90 Days to Register

Host Spencer Burke has popped the creative cork off Soularize the original /
catalytic emerging church gathering

Key Note Line Up of the Decade

N.T. Wright, Brennan Manning, Rita Nakashima Brock, and Fr. Richard Rohr

International Conversation and Venue – Nassau Bahamas

Take advantage of off season rates and ease of travel for our international

Five Learning Modes of Engagement

Keynote, Small Groups, Extended Experience, Reflective Time, 24/7 Web

Varied Relational Environments

Private Island, Art Studios, Swim w/Sharks, Social Network, Lecture Hall,
Limited to 500 attendees

Totally Wired Conference

Free T-1 wireless access, Live Web Interface with polling, chat, webcams,

Most Progressive and Diverse Workshop Facilitators

Frank Viola, Becky Garrison, Karen Ward, Mark Scandrette, Kristyn
Komarnicki, Michael Dowd, Barry Taylor, Dwight Friesen, Jim Palmer, Gareth
Higgins, Ron Martoia…

Knowing that all have limited budgets to invest in annual learning
opportunities, we hope you take opportunity to compare the Soularize
learning experience with a few of the other national learning opportunities
happening this coming year. Perhaps you’ll be as surprised as we were that
an event in the Bahamas is actually cheaper than attending an event in San
Diego (see comparison chart) . So if you’re looking for a more progressive, independent, and cost-effective learning experience in a tropical setting, perhaps you should consider joining us for the Soularize learning experience.

What makes Soularize unique is the learning environment. We create a casual, safe and interactive place where you can wrestle with issues your church and. faith are facing today. You..’ll engage in a wide variety of learning experiences like facilitated groups of less than 50 people, hands-on learning experiences, main sessions with keynote speakers, and workshops. Open times in the schedule offer chances for you to reflect and refresh in a hammock overlooking the Caribbean.

Come and lend your voice, your experience, and your dreams as we explore the Evolving Church – rethinking and reinventing what the Church could be in. years ahead. Learn more – at

Passport Application Required for travel to the Bahamas! (today) – $249 (after Sept 1) – $299

Register Today!


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