Celebrity ROM I: And My Father-In-Law Is…

So I got my father-in-law in the garage recently to try out the ROM for himself. He can be a bit picky as to his choice of workout equipment – after all, he’s a Marine, Olympian, WCW, and international wrestling veteran. Who is he..? Watch and find out, my friends!

For the whole saga-to-date, go here!

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  1. Mitzi DeMarco January 4, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    I have been a fan of Pittman’s since I saw him on WCW! Wow, he’s your father in law, so cool. Great video and thank you for sharing with us. Tell Mr. Pittman I said hello and OOH-RAH! I too love the USMC! Take care and thank you again for posting.


  1. WCW Wrestler takes on the ROM! « zoecarnate - October 23, 2009

    […] ‘The Pitbull’ Pittman taking on the ROM. (Did you miss the first video? It’s right here.) We had a blast filming these; he’s heard me rave about the ROM since I started using it […]

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