What Questions about God Keep You Up at Night?

“What questions about God and church keep you up at night?”
I asked you, and you responded! I recently sat down with award-winning author, theologian, and philosopher Tom Oord to talk about your top three burning questions:

  • Can faith traditions actually help reverse our runaway climate catastrophe, or do they only hurt the cause of ecological healing?
  • Can I affirm the wisdom found in other faith traditions while being rooted and grounded in the Way of Jesus?
  • How can I embody a counter-cultural faith in light of rising Christian nationalism, and the worship of power over love?
Tom and I do a deep-dive into each of these, reading some of your write-in elaborations on these questions. It’s a far-ranging, at-times poignant conversation – you don’t want to miss it. Tune in here!

And if this conversation intrigues you and you’d like to hear ten burning questions addressed with sensitivity and insight, Tom and our friend Tripp Fuller are offering God After Deconstruction, a pay-what-you-can-afford (including $0) class available now.

This six-week journey is designed to embrace the uncertainty, explore profound topics, and offer a constructive, hope-filled vision of God grounded in open and relational theology. In this course, Tom and Tripp aim to foster a thoughtful and inclusive space where participants explore important topics crucial to the journey of reconstructing their spiritual beliefs.

To check out God After Deconstruction and register, go to GodAfterDeconstruction.com.

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