God’s Favorite Place on Earth: Announcing the Lazarus Project

1GFP3DsmallMy friend Frank Viola recently released a new book called God’s Favorite Place on Earth. It’s a little book with big ideas, ideas that could shift your relationship with God, bitterness, your conscience, fear, doubt and discouragement. Sound intriguing? It is.

It’s a quick, inspiring, and entertaining read. And it made quite a splash last month when it debuted, hitting #13 on Amazon and staying in the top 50 on Amazon for eight days straight.

Now, while supplies last, Frank is launching what he’s calling the Lazarus Project, offering copies of God’s Favorite Place at $6 apiece for orders of 10 or more – for reading groups, or to give away to friends. You can find the details on his blog here.

Over 47 people have been raving about the book, including me. Here’s what I have to say:

When he wasn’t teaching, healing, and sowing the seeds of God’s New Creation ecology, where on earth did Jesus go to just be himself? He went to Bethany, an unassuming village containing remarkable relationships – a space where Jesus could simply be. With the pen of a seasoned storyteller, Frank Viola brings Lazarus back to life again to tell us the story of God’s Favorite Place on Earth – a ‘Bethany’ that’s not only a historical place in time, but a hospitable haven for the living Christ that can be born in every heart, home, church, and village today. This is a must-read that nourishes heart and mind – you’ll want to get extras to give to friends! 

The premise of the book is simple, and rooted in the biblical narrative: when Jesus walked around on two legs, he was rejected everywhere he went . . . from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, to Jerusalem. The only exception was the little village of Bethany.

The curtain opens with Lazarus, who is now ready to die, telling the incomparable story of Jesus’ interactions with him, Martha, and Mary. God’s Favorite Place on Earth is a genre-bending work that blends drama, devotion, biblical narrative, and first-century history to create a riveting tome that you’ll find difficult to put down. Within each narrative, the common struggles Jesus-followers face are addressed and given a new dignity.

Go to GodsFavoritePlace.com to read a Sampler of the book, and watch the video trailer. And check out Frank’s Lazarus Project post to get deeply-discounted copies for friends and loved ones while supplies last.


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