Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory with Head AND Heart – “Desire Found Me” available now!

Desire Found Me II


Mimetic Theory: French anthropologist Rene Girard’s exploration of the nature of violence, sacrifice and scapegoating in global religious cultures has moved from an obscure academic idea to an influential – and exciting – interpretative philsophy among Jesus-followers in recent years, inspiring fresh readings of spirituality, human behavior, Scripture, and the very meaning of Jesus himself. But those of us wading into this rich body of literature often feel lost:

  • Where do we start?
  • Is mimetic desire always negative?
  • Is there anything that makes this practical?

In Desire Found Me, itinerant minister Andre Rabe masterfully paints a paradigm-shifting picture of atonement that stretches the very limits of who we know ourselves – and God – to be. Exploring the unconscious movement of desire – how it forms us, connects us, shapes our greatest ideas, molds our societies, influences human history and is bound up in our very hope of the Life of Ages, Desire Found Me is an encounter with beauty…with God…that will leave you practically, practice-ably changed.

If other books on mimesis and Girardian theory have left you confused or intimidated, I think you’ll find Desire Found Me to be warm and readable. It’s a mimetic mediation on the Good News of God’s contagious splendor that has head and heart.

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A taste of Desire Found Me:

The Bible is therefore not a book that holds to any one theology – it contains multiple competing theologies in conversation with one another. Often these conversations were responding to the ethics, the historic situation, and the beliefs of its time and region. And so in it we see ideas develop.

We will look at five developing ideas in the chapters that follow. We will discover in the scriptures how events were re-interpreted and adjusted. On occasion, religious practices that were common and acceptable in earlier Israelite religion were later condemned and replaced. It’s a fascinating journey and even if you do not agree with the approach I trust you will find the journey informative.

The five ideas we will explore are: the mystery of who God is, the changing story of sacrifice, the paradox of evil, the history of Satan, and the growing expectation for a coming Messiah.

Here’s what others are saying about Desire Found Me:

“Using Rene Girard’s ground-breaking anthropological insights, Rabe has crafted a masterpiece… The strength of this particular book lies in the way he has brought together critical scholarship on the Old Testament with a generous Spirit-filled devotion; a mix rarely captured by authors who seek to be both informed and inspiring. I heartily recommend this book…”
– Michael Hardin, Executive Director of Preaching Peace; author, The Jesus-Driven Life

“Andre’s brilliance as scholar and teacher combines in this epic study on Mimetic Theology. He boldly tackles many traditional beliefs and superstitions, providing insights that would shift paradigms for many! In buying Desire Found Me, you are investing in a library of thought in one brilliant volume!” –Francois du Toit, author of The Mirror Bible

“Just when I thought I had wrapped my mind around this beautiful, too-good-to-be-true Gospel, Andre comes in and delivers one of the most thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting, and enlightening books I’ve ever had the privilege of reading!”
– Cory Dueck, Lead Pastor, Genesis Church, Abbotsford, BC

“It is a complete game-changer regarding our understanding of who we are and what brings meaning and fulfillment to our lives. This book is a must read for anyone who is seeking to understand the deep questions of human identity and meaning. Whether you agree with all of the assumptions or not, it will stretch the very notion of who you are, and will help you to let go of self-limiting mindsets.”
Michael Wayne Regier, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

“Andre Rabe has done us all a favor by taking a topic which is often presented in a very academic and complex manner, and making it clear, simple, and practical.”
Martin Trench, Lead Pastor at Gateway Alliance Church, Edmonton

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About Andre:

Andre Rabe, along with his wife, Mary-Anne, are acclaimed speakers, authors, musicians, and missionaries, having lived and served in some of the most obscure corners of the earth as well as in some of the most well known cities. In 2010, with their kids all grown up, Andre and Mary-Anne packed everything they had in two suitcases and took to the road, knowing only that they had a message that made life worth living for them and everyone who understood it. Whether it’s a small group or a large church, whether it’s an academic audience or a charismatic party – to inspire love remains equally relevant.

They have published five books and two music albums that reflect the unique focus of this message. Their online course ‘Word Made Flesh’ has been translated into a number of languages and used in many churches and small groups.

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