Life Sucks, Then You Die

…or do you? Those who place hope in the risen Jesus Christ hope for a resurrection continuing a ceaseless existence. And now, there are others who have reason to hope for bodily longevity, thanks to a (nano)technological acceleration known as the Singularity. When humans transcend biology it won’t be as if we are immortal, says scientist and historian Ray Kurzweil. It will be, though, that we can choose to live as long as we want. I’ll be exploring his bioethics and technological hope more soon, but now for more mundane matters…

Isn’t it fascinating how unhappy we as a species can be, even when we have so much going for us? Right now I have so much to be thankful for, and yet– “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Elation and misery in such potent mixture. I could crawl into a hole and die. Well, not really…my will to live is pretty strong. (In fact, I hope I can look back at this period in my life 200 years from now in my silicon/wetware body and smile) Maybe this is why men gravitate toward our vocations so much…they seem far more stable than our inner or relational worlds.

Well, it is obvious to me that my capacity for self-pity has no immediate end, and it is equally obvious that I need to come out of myself and into the embrace of my Lover. So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m going to grab myself a Guiness and update Sites Unseen, and while doing it I’m going to drop my mind into my heart, entering into the mind of Christ by way of the East Orthodox Jesus Prayer. I’m going to do this while listening to the song A Prayer for the Heart by Arvo Part, Bjork, and the Brodsky quartet. I desperately need to transcend my situation. And yet, I have things to do! Hopefully this will be a fruitful act of abandonment to God when Self seems so all-embracing. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me…

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