Goodness Me…

…that last entry sounded pretty morbid, huh?

Well rest assured, the two of you who cared (just kidding, there were at least three of you :p ) A good deal of the fog has lifted. Grace shows up in the least expected pockets of reality sometimes, and she breathes her gentle absolution into your lungs, so sweetly. No matter how dark your interior world has become, how counter-intuitive it is to hope, and against every understanding of how undeserving you think (even know) you are, grace is your constant companion. On every plane of existence, in this world and the next. Trust me.

There is a lot of living left to do, and many blessings to be grateful for: Let me account for a few, if you don’t mind: I have a wonderful wife, caring church communities (not one but two!), and precious people in my life the world over…you’re all dearly loved. Work’s not bad either; Jasmin and I are able to work from home in the publishing industry and do work we care about. El Shaddi is here, Provision, at the center of it all.

There’s not much I can add to that–in conclusion, I’d like for you to check out this poem that my brother-in-Breath Johnny wrote today. Be encouraged.

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