A Typical Day in my Life, 2025

Ameila Catchpool Imagine 2025

Wow, that’s only 17 years from now. Well for one, I’ll have a 17-18 year old daughter! That’s scary. Presuming we survive the Mayan Earth Changes, that is. : ) (Hey, just because I don’t buy into popular Christian end-times views doesn’t mean I can’t give the Mayans their fair shake at captivating our culture with the doomsday-prediction game!) I’ll be 43 years old. I’m taking the exponential rate of technological change as a given. Just how much will be changed, I’m not able to speculate yet. (I need to read more Ray Kurzweil!) My guess is we’ll begin to have more integration with machines than we do now—I might be in the minority here, but this is an integration I’ll welcome with open arms, if it enables me to read, process, and recall more efficiently. As indicated above, I hope a typical day in 2025 will involve inexpensive, clean, and renewable energy. I hope to eat a meal that was 85% grown within 100 miles of my home. I hope that I’m purchasing less, and that what I am buying comes in either less packaging or more biodegradable packaging. If at least some of these innovations (or returns) are not met in 17 years, I shudder to think what kind of world we’ll be waking up to.

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  1. Christo January 11, 2008 at 6:26 am #

    Hi Mike, I am not so well-spoken as you are 🙂 My english is close to being my 5th language although I know only one other (afrikaans).

    And I have to admit I do not think about these things as deeply as you do (that would put you out of job anyway, you can thank me later 😉 )

    But I am wondering about stuff, and one of it is, I think nature has some surprise in store for us, I think nature is more able to look after itself than we think and through some ingenious actions (only capable of being designed by our great God) it is going to recover itself in some amaizing ways.

    For one, we in South africa, have lovely summers and nice, not too cold winters (snow twice in like 30 years), but our rainfall is not always enough, so our underwater rivers and so on dries out.

    But this year we had an incerdible amout of rain!! Which fills up all our depleting resources and makes the foreseeable future a little brighter again (accept the crime ofcourse, but they are working on it) .

    Another thing is… our ocean resources, our guys takes out a lot of fish, abelone, crayfish etc.
    My feeling is, these things, if they become extinct, will be replaced by something new, there will be new species developing, not by evolution per se, but by something already planned way before us.

    My hope is for less. That mechanics/technology will move and more into entertainment and away from things taking away from our daily income, if that make sense.

    I hope this does not display my ignorance, but this I guess is more a hope, than a scientific analysis.

    Things need to get simpler again, or as you say, Ido not know what we will wake up to in 17 years.

  2. Miracle January 17, 2008 at 2:27 pm #

    I agree about all three of your hopes for 2025. I think all of these will easily be possible in the time frame. I just fear that there will not be enough desire for these changes to make them happen.

  3. Heather November 17, 2008 at 4:24 am #

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that isn’t a big fan of the Left Behind series 🙂

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