ROM Experiences: Jeff

ROM LogoI started corresponding with Jeff V. in Maryland about six months ago. I had my ROM for a few months, and he just bought his. Here’s what he told me at the time:

I’ve been eyeballing the ROM since the mid ’90’s. I finally got fed up with the standard gym routine. I’m more excited than ever to receive the machine and start up my daily routine. I’ll go get a body fat reading and measurements of legs, arms, etc so I have a baseline to compare to. I’ll keep you posted.

I caught up with Jeff recently to see what his experience with the ROM has been like. Here’s what he told me:

All is well here. I’ve been using the ROM every day since March. Prior to using the machine, I was going to the gym several hrs a week. I haven’t gained or lost any muscle mass. I’ve kept what I had. That’s a win in my book. Also, my fiancé jogs a lot. Prior to using the ROM I ran too and always found it difficult to stay up with her. Now I don’t run at all. On the days she asks me to run with her, she can’t stay up with me. Ain’t that something!

Yes Jeff, it certainly is. It inspires me to stay the course on my whole-health journey to age 30. ROM on!


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