ROM Experiences: 30 Years in 30 Days

ROM in RoomIt’s October 1, 2009 – in 30 days I’ll be 30 years old! Truth be told, I haven’t felt like a twenty-something in years, at least not the kind that marketers market to – getting married and having a child probably effected that. As you know, this year I’ve been using the ROM, a high-end workout machine that boasts a complete cardio, strength, and fat-burning workout in just four minutes a day. I’ve been more consistent by far in using the ROM than any other workout regimen I’ve attempted in my life. With that said, there have been some setbacks (more on these this month). Even so, Jeff V. from Maryland (remember him?) continues to be a motivator and fount of practical wisdom for me in my unfolding ROM journey. When I asked him for some advice for myself, other ROMmers, and potential ROMmers, here is what he told me:

Keep up the efforts on the machine. I think the key to positive results is committing to the machine each day. Every now and then I’ll catch myself taking it easy during the 4 minute effort. Then I push it (I mean what the heck, it’s only 4 minutes, right?). I believe the key is making a full effort each time you get on the machine.
Each time I do the upper body, I do one set of 40 crunches and two sets of curls with 25 pound dumbbells. Each day I do the lower body, I do one set of 40 crunches. That’s it. Total time spent each day working out is 6 minutes. I weigh the same. I have the same muscle mass as 6 months ago. My pecks look a little more defined. Overall, I’m fully toned. I can eat a barn … and I sleep well each night. One other side effect … I haven’t had a cold or any type of sickness since starting the ROM 6 months ago. If I feel a cold coming on, my body shakes it off before lunch time.
I live in a condo. My little one bedroom unit is too small for the machine. So I added the ROM to our gym. I’ve got 30 people trained up. They’re all believers. There are also a fair number of folks who still sweat it up on the tread mills (all caught up in the rat race of pushing it, sweating it, all while being plugged into their iPods, watching the TV monitor, and reading the Washington Post … all at the same time). They all look so busy.
I roll into the gym each morning like I’m on vacation. No stress. No rush. No debilitating physical effort. No huge commitment of time. In at 6:50 Am. Out before 7:00 AM.  After 6 months, you’d think the folks sweating it up (and investing so much TIME and effort each morning) would have a more open mind to the ROM … especially after seeing with their own eyes the fact that I’ve maintained a high level of fitness.
Thank you, Jeff. You continue to be an inspiration. Here’s to 30 days – and 30 more years – on the ROM!
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