Another Morrell Makes The News…

It's hard to say who's being more theatrical...

No, not the Mike Morrell who’s running for Republican State Assembly in California (though him too)…but Jessie Morrell, “a 25-year-old evangelist preacher from Cheshire, Conn., who said he did three stints at the juvenile detention center on Whalley Avenue for selling drugs — says he knows where most Yale students are headed: hell. For the past three days, Morrell has used Yale’s campus as the platform for his open-air preaching. A self-proclaimed born-again Christian, he has spent much of the past three days sermonizing about the “evils of sin” on Old Campus, Cross Campus and the section of Wall Street near Woodbridge Hall…”

Full article here.

(HT: Zach Lind)

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  1. Sarah January 13, 2010 at 10:42 pm #

    Shoot! According to his sign, I’m going to hell for more than one reason! Cripers. :S

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