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I’m a huge fan of all things free. It’s not just because I’m a cheapskate; I think that offering substantial items of real value online is a good way for artists, musicians, and authors to connect with people who might be inspired by their work. I think that ultimately it’s economically viable, and I applaud publishing houses (like the newly-formed HarperStudio) who are taking ‘risks’ in this area to test out freemiums in our growing freeconomy.

This is why I’m so glad my friend Ed Cyzewski and the folks at NavPress are giving away the study guide to his uber-cool Coffeehouse Theology! I’ll leave you to Ed to learn the details from here…

Ed Cyzewski: Freelance Writer

Download a Free Bible Study PDF Today!During December and January my book Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life (about),will be available from at 35% off (coupon K82E1D8E6).

In light of this offer, starting today and ending at 7 pm EST on December 31st, the Coffeehouse Theology: Bible Study Guide (about) will be available as a free PDF for download. This guide, which complements Coffeehouse Theology, provides group/personal Bible studies under the guidance of a series of theologians, commentaries, and discussion questions.

There is a limit of one print out per person. Need more copies for your group? Then forward this message to your friends or place an order with NavPress. If you mention this offer on your web site or social media, please refer your readers to this page.

This offer ends December 31st at 7 PM EST.

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Act Today for Another Free Book Download!

If you forward this e-mail to your friends by December 17th, you can visit this page and enter the caps locked password “FORWARD EMAIL” in order to download a free PDF of the Coffeehouse Theology Contemporary Issues Guide. This guide applies Coffeehouse Theology to a biblical examination of a number of today’s most pressing issues (about).

This offer ends December 17th at 7 PM EST, so act fast!

About the Bible Study Guide
A personal or group study guide that will help readers learn to study scripture with an awareness to their contexts and to the Christian voices from history and around the world.

For those who don’t know where to start with theology, The Bible Study Guide will provide a series of first steps that will assist individual and group study of scripture.

Order Physical Copies of the Study Guides
Both study guides are available for purchase at NavPress at 25% off and at bulk discounts.


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  1. Ed Cyzewski December 17, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

    It looks like the download link on the second box (to nonsubscribers) isn’t working. Here’s where folks can go to download the book:

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