I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

AND SO IT WAS that I was once again at the mercy of the esteemed Jason Sager, who unmakes and remakes his subjects’ musculature on his table. This is session three of the Ten Series I’m talking about, which is…

The “lateral line” session, Session 3 focuses on the sides of the body from ankle to armpit. This session helps to balance the body from front to back and begins to transition the work from surface to deeper fascial work. Many clients find a feeling of greater length of feeling taller at the end of this session. This is also a good decision point for a client to review how Rolfing is working for them and decide if they wish to continue through the full ten-series.

I did indeed feel taller after this session. I imagine it’s like being on one of those medieval racks of old, except not nearly so unpleasant – though I’ll admit, at one point I cried ‘uncle’ and had to take a short break. But truth be told, Jason is such a pro that he knew he needed to relent for a spell before I actually said anything.

Once more he had me stand up mid-way through our session, after he had only worked me over on my left side. Once again, I felt a bit like I was starring in a real-life V8 commercial, walking askance! But then we resumed, finishing the session, and overall I felt more relaxed, quite literally stretched, and like I was breathing better.

My decision: Let’s keep moving through the ten series! This is just getting good.

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  1. jeffrey555 January 25, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Years ago I had a session of rolfing done on me by a person who was in training and needed to practice. It shifted my sciatica from my right side to my left! Fortunately by the time I was in my thirties the sciatica had departed for unknown reasons. However,I am sure you’ll get nothing but good from your fully trained expert! I’ve started Tai Chi and intend to take up the pilates class at the local fitness center for some physical transformation of my own.

  2. Jared Nichols January 25, 2011 at 5:51 pm #


    wait until you get to the “pelvic floor” session. That will really change your posture and your intimacy boundaries. Rahahahahaha!

    Jason is great. I have finished six sessions and I can’t say enough good about it. Very noticeable transformations for me. I highly recommend Jason. Top notch.


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