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Opening Further

Growing up, I wasn’t the most “in-touch” person, physically speaking. I “couldn’t dance” – I “had no rhythm.” I leaned against walls to stabilize myself. I tilted my head in photographs – which means I probably did it all the time. For whatever reason, I felt strongly drawn to a life of the mind, while […]

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Opening Up.

Emerging from Jason Sager’s Rolfing sessions, I’m always in a bit of an altered state. I haven’t felt this as powerfully as in Session Five of the Ten Series, completed Friday. I’m almost preternaturally calm, my breathing is deeper and more even, and I feel relaxation in more areas of my body than I knew existed. […]

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I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

AND SO IT WAS that I was once again at the mercy of the esteemed Jason Sager, who unmakes and remakes his subjects’ musculature on his table. This is session three of the Ten Series I’m talking about, which is… The “lateral line” session, Session 3 focuses on the sides of the body from ankle to […]

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C’mon Sea Legs, Pull Yourself Together

So after letting a strange man put his hands all over me, I had to go back for more. For my second Rolfing session with Jason Sager, we worked on legs. Rolfing, if you recall, works directly on one’s fascia to remove restrictions in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, giving the benefits of improved posture, muscular and skeletal pain […]

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Why Did I Let This Man Put His Hands on Me?

So recently at a party my buddy Jared says to me: “Hey, have you ever tried Rolfing?” Now, we were each drinking some but I wasn’t feeling the slightest bit sick. “Um, no, I’m fine – no need to throw up. Why do you ask?” “No, not ralfing, Rolfing!” “Like the Muppet?” Jared was buzzed, […]

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