“Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus” – Responses from a Preacher, a Muslim, and…Kermit?

So last month I wrote a mammoth response to 22-year-old Jeff Bethke’s viral video ‘Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,’ entitled Jesus & Religion’s Relationship Status: It’s Complicated. (And btw, it was picked up by the Huffington Post – yeah!) In it I give a pretty in-depth analysis of why so many people loved – and hated – the video. I spilled a lot of pixels doing that – I won’t subject you to such a barrage again. 🙂

Instead, I wanted to point you to a few of the more relevant videos among the hundreds crafted in response – including one that may not have been filmed in direct response to the video, but should have.

First up is this one:


This is, I believe, a voice-over from John Lynch, part of Truefaced and co-author of the novel Bo’s Cafe. The Truefaced crew recently co-authored The Cure, which I’m reading now at the recommendation of my friend and mentor Wes Roberts. Good stuff so far.

Now – if you’re not offended by the intelligent use of profanity (& here’s Tallskinnykiwi Andrew Jones on why you shouldn’t be – AJ also shares this profane paper written for Barry Taylor @ Fuller), check out Integral trickster Stuart Davis‘s demolishing of the religion/spirituality distinction here:


Stuart, in my opinion, is as funny as he is perceptive. If you’ve never read his now-seminal blog post, Dear God: Five Things Religion-Haters Should Know, get thee to it. It looks like Stu’s Christmas wish for a response from Harris, Dawkins, Maher or Hitchens (RIP) went un-fulfilled. If you like his stuff, it’s worth trying to save his Sex, God and Rock & Roll variety show on HD Net.

Finally, here is a response to the video from a young Muslim:


Like Bethke himself, he pulls no punches and minces no words – which can be as endearing as it is shutting down of vulnerable conversation. (I can see it now – the theological wars of tomorrow will be fought not with swords but with battle rapping! I guess that’s a step in the right direction…) I know that the interfaith friendships I enjoy with my Muslim friends at the Divan Center over delicious food are way more respectful…and productive. Indeed, in two weeks we’ll be sharing our differing perspectives on the Godhead. The young man in this video would probably not like my Trinity-sourced poem You Are the Dance, or the song Tim Coons recorded in response to it. Alas.

That’s it as far as on-topic YouTube explorations. But while I have you here – the Truefaced folks also made this controversial trailer:

It’s controversial because it blasts polarized celebrity doctrinal disputes which serve to sell lots of books…while advertising for a book. I like the book, and I like the trailer, but I agree that perhaps each should have stood alone. Still…how many Christian celebrities can you spot depicted here?

Finally, I leave you with Stu interviewing Kermit the Frog on the latter’s sexuality and spiritual practice, fresh on his tour promoting The Muppets. Enjoy!

One Response to “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus” – Responses from a Preacher, a Muslim, and…Kermit?

  1. Wes Roberts February 4, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    Michael…you I know well. Thank you for the invitation to be doing life with you.

    John Lynch…I also know well…and am glad you’ve picked up on The Cure…stellar encouragement for thee, me, and anyone else we know.

    The other gents…I do not know, personally…but would welcome conversation with them some time…for what they share…as with what you share…needs to be pondered, absorbed…and lived.

    Again…extra thankful we get to do life together…even though we live a few hundred miles apart. Viva le Skype!!! Prayers continue for your further release and living into the unexpected, the improbable and the possible!

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