The Divine Dance without Stained-Glass Language: The Crackers & Grape Juice Interview!

I got to sit down recently with my friend Morgan Guyton (author of How Jesus Saves the World From Us: 12 Antidotes To Toxic Christianity) and Teer Hardy, fully half of the Crackers & Grape Juice Podcast team ! We were at the Open Faith Network gathering in Indianapolis in the days just before the election. We talked about my book with Fr. Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation, and the difference a vulnerable and relational image of God makes on our politics, faith, and relationships.

One thing you’ll hear:

Spending substantial time in three different denominations growing up, I had to become a practical pluralist at a very young age when I came to realize that the exclusivity claims that each group made couldn’t all be true. I wasn’t willing to say that one of them was true and the others untrue – I didn’t want to condemn any of them as 100% ‘false.’ It was more a question asking ‘What is true about each of these streams?’ What is the gift they have to offer? What is the beauty they have to bring to the table of faith and being human in the world? Am I able to receive what’s beautiful while leaving painful exclusivity behind?

Give the full conversation a listen here.

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