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God is Born Again: The Advent of Us

The warmest Christmas on record on the U.S. East Coast. A Middle East torn apart by war and a refugee crisis, with the Bible Belt closing its borders to those seeking refuge. A self-satirizing, narcissistic demagogue as the clear favorite of one of our leading political parties. We’re experiencing a climate change, in our inner and […]

When college alone doesn’t cut it.

  I’m curious: When did your vocational dreams and realities begin to diverge? For me, it started in college. I was a Journalism major, with minors in Creative Writing and Religion. I lived to get to the bottom of a story, and share that story with passion and craft. I grew up admiring courageous journalists who risked […]

The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe – Andrew Boyd

What is to give light must endure burning. – Victor Frankel Many of us have set out on the path of enlightenment. We long for a release of selfhood in some kind of mystical union with all things. But that moment of epiphany – when we finally see the whole pattern and sense our place in the cosmic […]

A Speck of Our Source – Sleeping at Last

you fixed your eyes on us, your flesh and blood, a sculpture of water and unsettled dust. when there was bad blood in us, we learned our lesson: genesis to the last generation. so we wrestle with it all- the concept of grace and the faithful concrete as it breaks our fall. our questions are […]

Addiction & Sobriety: Interviewing Dan Maurer

I love comic books and graphic novels. From childhood on, comics have grown with me, from the teenagers of Riverdale High to superheroes like Peter David‘s Incredible Hulk to complex tales of myth and biography. But I’ve never seen a graphic novel like Dan Maurer’s semi-autobiographical Sobriety. I was so moved by its story and even existence that I […]