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Troubling the Waters: The Revolutionary Power of Creative Love | Jennifer Helminski

I’m excited to share another guest reflection with you today, from my dear friend and colleague Jennifer Helminski. Here she meditates on the often-misunderstood teaching of Jesus to ‘turn the other cheek’ — is there a way to love even our enemies while not negating our own dignity? If you’d like to hear more from […]

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Critical Thinking with Mind AND Heart: Christopher Ocker and Mike Morrell

Is critical thinking a lost art? How can we engage thoughtfully with the world around us, engaging our minds and hearts? What — if anything — can we credibly do about some of the most pressing challenges facing us today: war, poverty, racism, and climate catastrophe? Is civilization itself a doomed project — and might […]

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9/11 at 20: Abraham’s Children Reflect, Resource, and Renew.

I remember sitting on the porch with some new friends in Sheffield, England. It was August, 2003. I had just spent several days taking part in Wabi-Sabi, a pop-up ‘learning party’ hosted by my New Zealander friend Andrew Jones, in the Northern England city that gave birth to what later became known as the ‘emerging church.’ I was […]

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God is Not a Math Problem: Feasting on the Holy Trinity.

For the past thousand years, friends of God aspiring to the Way of Jesus have traditionally celebrated this first Sunday after Pentecost as “the Feast of the Holy Trinity.” In gatherings from catacombs to cathedrals, potlucks and Eucharists have been shared in honor of this daring revelation, unique among our monotheistic siblings:  That the One […]

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