…and, we’re back!

Earth’s Mightiest Alternative Christian Links Portal suffered a setback this weekend, as its owner (ie, me) failed to secure its three-year domain name renewal. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as I was in West Virginia with my dad visiting relatives post-Thanksgiving, a family tradition.

Thanks to all who commented or emailed with words of concern and notification–as you may have noticed, Sites Unseen came back online late last night. I suppose this is as good a time as any to remind friends of the website about our little fund drive–thanks to your existing donations we’re able to fund a nifty new redesign with John O’ Keefe, coming the new year in time for our fifth anniversary! But we’d like to do much more, hiring a programmer to database the site so you can control its display and feel, making it much more user-friendly. So feel free and share the Christmas cheer if you’re so inclined.

Coming soon: Our return to Raleigh from Atlanta. Then, some class projects. But at the top of next week, I hope to blog about Soularize, a Duke reconciliation forum, Shane Claiborne at my alma mater, and more! I have much catching up to do. Thank you for reading.

Sites Unseen

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