How to Come to the Buzz Seminar for “Free”!

The Buzz Seminar - Logo 2The Buzz Seminar registration is in full swing, and brilliant up-and-coming authors and bloggers are registering every day from across the country. We’re proud of how affordable we’ve made registration. As we’ve said on the registration site:

The Buzz Seminar is LESS EXPENSIVE than virtually every other event that provides something similar. For example, here are four other conferences and their prices (the names have been changed intentionally):

  • The Audience Conference = $2,097 per person
  • The Dispatch Conference = $4,547 per person
  • The Aggregate Conference = $1,497 per person
  • The Formula Conference = $25,000 per person

Registration for the Buzz Seminar is only $995 per person. This includes:

  • All the teaching sessions.
  • Detailed handouts for each session that enable you to apply the training well after the “seminar glow” has worn off.
  • Complimentary breakfast on both days (for those staying at the hotel).
  • A free lunch on both days (thanks to our sponsor, Morgan James Publishing).
  • A surprise bonus gift worth $697.
  • A special discount for the hotel (only $99 per night).

So far, we’ve been happy that many of you are taking advantage of registration. However, I do have friends and colleagues – many of them ministers and nonprofit workers – who are facing honest challenges funding their Buzz Seminar training and experience 100% on their own.

If this is you, I have a creative suggestion that could enable you to fund up to the entire Buzz Seminar registration, + travel and lodging.

Are you ready?


Go Fund Me - logoIf you’ve ever been a minister or missionary, you’re likely familiar with the “support-raising” model of ministry, where you talk to a circle of friends and those impacted by your life and work to help sustain your work serving others. In an internet age, GoFundMe easily enables this the way Kickstarter and IndieGoGo help bands and inventors fund their work.

Bloomberg Business Week explains:

“ allows people to create fundraising sites for their personal needs. Folks have set them up to raise money for everything from medical bills to weddings.”

Mashable reports:

“Crowdfunding was the obvious choice for Sanders. “I wouldn’t have been able to do that without GoFundMe,” he says. Setting up the actual page was, according to Sanders, “just so simple.” He says it took him around five minutes.”

And TechCrunch breaks it down:

“GoFundMe Simplifies Group Fundraising: It connects directly to a user’s PayPal account and donation pages may also be embedded on a user’s existing blog.”

Jeff BurnsMy friend Jeff Burns has decided to do just this. As a former pastor, house church planter, coach, and worker for reconciliation between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, Jeff is looking to leverage his unique experience as a peacemaking voice in the Southeast and Middle East to not only finish his book about the spiritual roots of Southern Christian racism, but make it a truly high-impact book that reaches readers by becoming  a bestseller. He’s created a GoFundMe campaign called Help Me Become A Bestselling Author to fund his Buzz Seminar trip and additional coaching he wants to receive, sharing it with this family, friends, social media circles and ministry supporters.

How about you? If you’re facing challenges funding your Buzz Seminar registration and trip, will you create a GoFundMe campaign to share with your family, friends, and supporters? If you do, link to it in the comments below.

For each new Buzz Seminar GoFundMe support-raising campaign you share with me in the comments, I’ll re-share this blog post to my 20,000+ social media contacts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. 

At the Buzz, we strongly believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. We want to help each other share our powerful messages with the world. However you fund your Buzz training and experience, remember that registration closes June 1st. Register today!


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  1. James Frost February 23, 2014 at 3:52 am #

    Crowdfunding events are the most likely events to be attended by people as these events are always full of surprises 🙂
    Loved the article

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