ROM Bench-Marking, Take One one of my goals with my ROM this year is to lose 60 pounds – fair enough. But as my ROM coaches suggested to me, weight loss isn’t everything: What about stamina, stregnth, endurance? These are all important barometers of overall vitality.

Because I’ve historically been about as athletic as a brick, I wasn’t sure how to even go about some basic bench-marking. I eventually settled on these home-fitness tests:

  1. Step test to measure aerobic endurance
  2. Push ups to test upper body strength
  3. Sit ups to test abdominal or trunk strength
  4. Squats to measure lower body strength

How’d I do?

  • In step-test I was the worst – 120 beats per minute in the minute after steppin’ up. Though Jasmin mentioned that perhaps I was stepping a bit too intensely; I should have gone for ‘steady’ rather than unevenly ‘rapid.’ (Poor)
  • 21 push-ups ’till maxing out (‘Average’ for men)
  • 31 sit-ups in a minute (Average)
  • 41 squats ’till maxing out (‘Good’…I’ll take it!)

So now we have some other benchmarks to gauge my progess…we’ll see where I am in a month!

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  1. Rachel February 19, 2009 at 2:51 pm #

    I am seeing a nutritionist, and her advice to me is the same, it can’t be all about weight loss. So easy and slow you go, seems real real good. Love watching your progress – keep it up! Woo!

  2. jason February 20, 2009 at 3:58 am #

    I love the Rom……I love you for having one…no joke this is so awesome.


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