ROM: Ohh Yeah!

Welcome to my wildest ROM video yet. Really, I’m stepping up my game here – trying to bring some of the zaniness and energy into my videos that the ROM itself gives. I’m slowly becoming better at some of the technical aspects of video production, and hopefully the better sound quality will show in this vid. promised last week to have updates of bench-marking, body fat analysis, etc…but then my family & I got some kind of flu. (Zombie swine flu, perhaps? Well, I’m not undead yet…) So, in light of my renewed blogging vows, you’ll see this coming next week – and far more consistently after that. I want to emphasize that the ROM has revolutionized my fitness, forever as far as I’m concerned since it’s so…freakin’…easy. I don’t have a Charles Atlas body yet, but I’m steadily getting there. If you’re tuning in today for the first time (or the first time in awhile), you can see my whole-health journey-to-date here.

The music this time around is just breathtaking; it’s from Aaron Strumpel‘s hot new album Elephants, which reminds me of Joseph Arthur meets Wovenhand/16 Horsepower – the most ecstatically awesome mashup I can imagine at the moment. And for a limited time, those joining the uber-creative Love Is Concrete artists’ circle are getting a free download of the full album, courtesy of Aaron’s generosity & that of his producer, Todd Fadel of Agents of Future notoriety. Love Is Concrete is also 100% free so check it out & feel the love! ElephantManFINAL

A question for my techie friends: Do you have any idea how to view YouTube’s AudioSwap playlist without being in edit mode? I want to browse their database of pre-approved music to avoid the Cher muting snafu I suffered a coupla months back, but I want to see their offerings enough in advance that I can do themed recordings. Lemme know if you have any insights…

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  1. M.joshua May 15, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

    I’ve been digging Aaron’s new album since the day it came out. It was a surprise that it was so up-my-alley considering his previous stuff was far more “accessible” (thereby being less than provocative to me).

    I wouldn’t have thought about the Wovenhand connection, but you’re totally on. Another beloved artist and probably why I like Elephants so much…

  2. dlw May 16, 2009 at 7:45 pm #

    As someone who believes in local rules of faith, I’m flexible….

    I’d say Denominations are artefacts. Yes, trying to keep them all alive may hold us back, but gunning after them may also hold us back….

    It’s the polemical spirit that prevailed so much after the 30 yrs war that sets us back the most and denominations can keep that spirit alive, but it’s present among HCs as well, albeit we don’t got much of an economic incentive to polemic.

    As for ordination, I gotta say, my readings tie this in too much w. state-churchyness. I think we need to recognize teaching authority and make a distinction between such and administrative authority. You may need some admin authority to have teaching authority and to have admin authority, you need some teaching authority, but the distinction is still a meaningful one that has been conflated by many.


  3. Charles May 21, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    Charles Atlas is great!

  4. John Musick June 20, 2009 at 10:50 pm #

    You look a little like Mikey from American Chopper. In the face only, of coure.

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