The Meaning of Christianity – Leonard Cohen

Seth: You have such vivid Christian imagery in many of your songs, and much of it is contrasted with the selfishness of the “modern” individual. I was wondering what’s your take on the state of Christianity today?

Leonard Cohen: Dear Seth, I don’t really have a ‘take on the state of Christianity.’ But when I read your question, this answer came to mind: As I understand it, into the heart of every Christian, Christ comes, and Christ goes. When, by his Grace, the landscape of the heart becomes vast and deep and limitless, then Christ makes His abode in that graceful heart, and His Will prevails. The experience is recognized as Peace. In the absence of this experience much activity arises, divisions of every sort. Outside of the organizational enterprise, which some applaud and some mistrust, stands the figure of Jesus, nailed to a human predicament, summoning the heart to comprehend its own suffering by dissolving itself in a radical confession of hospitality.

– from Canoe (HT: David Dark)

And now, a Cohen psalm…

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  1. Priestly Goth January 17, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

    Wow, so beautiful.
    And that is quite a statement from Leonard Cohen. Although I may want to say more, to fill out the nature of Christian faith from the primarily personal and individual, his statement should probably be taken to heart. We are perhaps to busy with trying to figure out the state of Christianity and not enough about the reality of Christ and the mysticism of the Cross.
    Thanks so much for this devotional.

  2. Rory January 17, 2010 at 6:17 pm #



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