Darkwood Brew: For the Love of God

Darkwood Brew LGBTMy friends Eric Elnes, Scott Griessel and company are putting together an awesome Darkwood Brew series I wanted to tell you about.

For the Love of God will be addressing the Bible passages that people commonly cite to oppose LGBT equality and adding several more that show that inclusion and acceptance is part of the flow of a “biblical” faith. There’s a truly stellar line-up:
Dec 30: Rev. Bruce Van Blair (UCC minister 40 yrs, not well known but kicks ass on biblical stuff. We featured him for our entire series on Colossians last year)
Jan 6: Dr. Jacq Lapsely (Princeton Seminary OT scholar and editor of the Dictionary of Biblical Ethics)
Jan 13: Dr. James Forbes
Jan 20: Dr. Jack Levison (NT scholar from Seattle Pacific U with Pentecostal roots)
Jan 27: Sue Fulton (first female graduate from Westpoint, lesbian)
Feb 3: Bishop Gene Robinson

Check out this trailer!

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