The Buzz Seminar: Masterclass – Coming Soon

buzz-seminar_packageThis summer’s Buzz Seminar was a resounding success – it exceeded even our rigorous expectations. Participants shared some humbling and beautiful reflections (see below), and asked us if we were planning on making this training more widely available, as they want their friends and colleagues to be able to take the Seminar in order to ignite their online presence and make a living.

My co-organizers (Frank Viola, Michelle Shaeffer, David Hancock) and I have decided that there was just too much positive impact to keep the Buzz Seminar limited to our live participants. And so, we’re hard at work creating The Buzz Seminar: Masterclass, which will be open for a limited time this fall. Want to know the moment it’s available? Sign up for our waiting list here. Or, if you prefer clicking on banners:

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Like I said, hearing what Buzz participants have had to say, and watching their online Hives grow even in the short time since our live training, has been so gratifying. If you need more reason to sign up for the waiting list, it’s like LeVar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow: You don’t have to take my word for it…

Buzz Buzz: What others are saying

“I absolutely loved The Buzz Seminar. The presenters didn’t give vague advice – they gave us step-by-step advice to maximize my blogging efforts and how to actually build a platform. I went in hoping for a hands-on seminar that would walk me through how to create content, drive traffic to my blog, and how to work towards writing a book, and that’s exactly what I got. If you want to earn money through blogging, to take your blogging to the next level, good advice on how to use social media to promote your work and more, I can’t recommend The Buzz Seminar enough.”
Deanna Ogle

“The Buzz Seminar provided a treasure trove of resources, insights, and practical direction. The presenters’ desire to help others succeed was palpable. They gave more than one might think they should. The whole seminar and participant interaction made me come away with a feeling and knowing “I can do this!” – with things I was formerly totally ignorant about or things I thought impossible to do. What a valuable investment!”
Nancy Teague

“The information was practical and easy to immediately implement. This wasn’t a typical seminar as much as an education on how to profitably blog, publish a book and all with a purpose and integrity. It surpassed my expectations!”
Manny Hernandez

“I went to the Buzz Seminar looking for information. What I got was empowerment. This course is usable-right-out-of-the-box and jam-packed with no-nonsense, step-by-step, valuable information from a talented panel of professionals who have proven these processes with real results. The Buzz Seminar is hands-down one of the best investments I’ve made in my own future.”
Richard Jacobson

“The material was stellar and the presentations were informative in ways that even I could understand… plus they were so entertaining!  Thank you all for a wonderful two days of exploring the possibilities of venturing into the unknown realm of blogging and publishing for profit.  I look forward to continuing the journey with you with the “Hive” FB group.”
Renee Robb-Cohen

“As an entrepreneur, blogger, and licensed REALTOR, I have taken professional and entrepreneurial classes and seminars. I have also attended many hours of continuing education for my profession. The Buzz Seminar will far exceeded my expectations for content and practical application. You will be able to start applying the principles you learn right away. The presenters are successful and unique in their industry and highly esteemed among their peers.  The Buzz Seminar was by far the best investment into my business that I have ever made. I encourage you to assess your current business plan, dream bigger, and take the Buzz Seminar as soon as you can.”
Alissa Dietz

“The Buzz Seminar was like drinking from the proverbial fire hydrant for me.  I went with a great many questions about how to practically, step by step begin the process of moving from a blogging hobbyist to somebody who knows what the next steps or areas to concentrate upon are.  I came away with a feeling that I finally know not just what to do in answer to those questions, but also what the next questions should be.  It was worth the time and investment to be a part.  I’m glad for the opportunity to be there.”
Bart Breen

“The Buzz was an amazing event with amazing presenters. Each presenter shared loads of their best insight into the writing, blogging, and publishing world.  I received so much practical information that I am now taking a week to go back over the material and form an action plan to implement what was shared.  To be honest, I really wasn’t that hopeful that I could replace my income through writing, but after the Buzz Seminar, I am very hopeful that my dream of writing and working from home may come to pass.  The presenters were authentic, their advice battle-tested, and their encouragement motivating!  I highly recommend this class if you are considering starting a writing career.”
Mark Lake

“There was SO much information given. The Buzz Seminar definitely over-delivered, which is the goal.  I am humbled to be a part of such a talented and gifted group of people, and to be mentored by such grizzled (excepting Michelle) veterans of the information age. My main takeaways are:

– It is possible for me to have a career blogging and writing and provide for my family doing it.
– There is a definite roadmap for success and the tools to implement the roadmap
– Having key performance indicators (KPIs) of performance and progress (hive creation) makes the journey encouraging, versus just looking at posting views which is discouraging.”
Steve Berman

“My overall impression of the Buzz Seminar: MAGNIFICENT!!! It was two days of highly impactful and comprehensive information for a lifetime of usefulness.  Well beyond worth the price for the goldmine of information that you receive.”
Cecilia Blades

“The seminar has given me so much material to look at, so I am taking my time to absorb it into my vision. My goal in blogging is to write and possibly sell my paintings through my blog for which I write about them as well. Thank you to all of you who I now travel with.”
Marilyn Short Davis

“Coming from someone who has the desire to write but hasn’t started yet, the conference was a perfect launch pad. It was great to hear from 4 hosts who have similar success but all teach from a different vantage point. Each speaker taught in a way that was easy to comprehend and I walked away confident that I can have success through writing. The messages were free from fillers and contained practical advice that can be applied immediately.”
Kalil Harrigan

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  1. Donna November 7, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    I clicked on get the free ebook and sign up to find out when the master class launches but the site said the ebook is not available? What’s up?

    • Mike Morrell November 7, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

      Donna, thank you so much for brining this to my attention. The eBook was a limited-time giveaway; you can now sign up for updates on

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