Psalm 32 – Opening to You.

Happy is the one who is forgiven
Whose wound is healed
Happy the one restored to your harmony
In whose spirit there is no more deceit

When I held my silence
My bones grew brittle with crying all day
For by day and night your hand lay heavy on me
And my life’s moisture dried up
Through the long droughts of summer

But then I turned toward my mistakes and shortcomings
Knew my unworthiness, did not cover it up
I said, “I will confess all this, since it is so”
And you forgave me for what I am

Therefore let all the faithful
When they find their confusion find you
And pray that the waters of self-delusion
Won’t crest to crush them in their time

You are my shelter
You help me withstand my suffering
I endure it warmed in the winds of your exultant songs

I will instruct and I will teach the way to go
I will counsel, my eye is on you

Don’t be like a horse or mule
That has no understanding
That must be led with bridle and bit
His constant ornament
Lest he bump or push or go off course

Many are the pains of the heedless
Those who hold back from you
But the one who trusts self all to you
Will swim in your kindness

So the upright rejoice in you and are glad
The upright in heart shout for joy

This rendition of Psalm 32 touched me, in its poetry and emotional honesty.

From Opening to You: A Zen-Inspired Translation of the Psalms, by Zoketsu Norman Fischer.

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  1. Adrienne Keller March 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm #

    One of my favorite ways of praying is to rewrite – kind of in a jazz riff sense – psalms. Here’s
    my version of psalm 32:
    I count myself lucky because my sins are forgiven
    Covered, not counted, wiped clean
    So my spirit, my soul does not need to hide behind lies
    When I lie to myself, when I pretend I can rule my own life
    I end up depressed, defeated, feeling downtrodden and deserted
    I have no energy, no enthusiasm, no stamina, no hope
    Then when I remember to turn to You, God
    I find renewal and forgiveness
    Therefore, let me pray to You always because You are always with me
    Through my stormy times, through my desert times
    You are my best refuge
    You protect me from my troubles, Your power sings within me
    Your power sings that You will stay with me, teach me, counsel me, love me
    Help me in my stubbornness. Make me less like a mule and more like a dog.
    Help me to remember
    That even when I feel overwhelmed by threats to my peace of mind
    Overwhelmed by life
    Your unfailing love surrounds me, if I just trust in You
    So, with that great cloud of witnesses
    With all of us redeemed by Your righteousness
    I can rejoice and be glad
    I can sing and be happy
    I can live in Your peace that passes understanding

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