Carry the Fire: Talking God, permaculture, transhumanism and aliens with Dustin Kensrue!

I love podcasts. So much so, that I’m always this close to starting my own. But I’ll be honest: what’s really fun is being on other people’s podcasts. Getting to talk with brilliant people about what most animates my spirit and imagination? Yes, please.

So imagine my intrigue when, about a year ago, my dear friend Sarah Heath tells me that musician, songwriter, Thrice lead singer, and all-around provocateur Dustin Kensrue is starting a podcast chronicling his own journey into the good, true, and the beautiful: Carry the Fire.

And then imagine my delight when Sarah and / or buddy Tripp Fuller mentions to Dustin the idea of us talking!

The result is this podcast episode, where we cover anarchoprimitivism, transhumanism, permaculture, aliens, and more!


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As a host, Dustin has an understated manner to him, which — like contemplative silence — can occur either as the ground of all peace or an echo-chamber of egoic insecurities (“How is this conversation going?? Am I losing the plot??”). These frames of reference were each volleying within me in a way that ordinarily doesn’t happen (perhaps oddly enough) in recorded conversations; I think this creates a uniquely vulnerable dialogue, one well-suited to Dustin’s incisive, seeking heart and matter-of-fact inquiry.

Check it out!

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