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I’ve been listening to an album on repeat lately, full of both realism and hope. I asked the artist, Nathan Wheeler, if he’d share a little bit about it. Here’s what he has to say for himself. — Mike

I’ve written songs for most of my life. Sitting by myself, with my thoughts, trying to process it all. I didn’t think of myself as an artist, but in my own way creating these musings helped me. Every so often I share these songs with others, hoping to get over the embarrassment of being vulnerable with other people.

Music has always been an important part of my life. Many people’s music has brought me so much joy, healed my pain, helped me see the world differently. I’d never been confident in my ability to offer the same experience to others through my own music. So, for years I’ve just listened to others create while I just kept writing, playing, singing for me.

Toward the end of 2019 I started to feel differently about my words. That maybe they would mean something, to someone, somewhere. That there might be room in the cosmos for my thoughts. If anything, 2020 taught me that life is so precious, fragile, unpredictable. And so I’ve released this EP.

Better Day Now came to me when I was sitting in my den, during a global pandemic, social and societal unrest, sorting through my feelings that at the time were filled with pain and hope for what may become of myself and this world. A personal longing for better days. Here’s a sample:

Our fears and shame
seem to be what drives this charade
Time to face ourselves and tell the truth
Everything can come back

Hey now we might find a better day now
One foot in front of the other
Hey now we might find a better day now
One hand stretched to another

With our hands stretched out to others
With our prayers lifted for one another
With our love the same for others
With our care welcoming for another

The lyrics for A Part of Me started after a few people in my life lost friends and another a beloved pet. I think we all have experiences of deep loss. We never get over it, it latches onto us. We are a culmination of all we have loved and lost. And we can either choose to let it always haunt us or live with it. This song is about holding the pain of that and the love we received from it at the same time.

One night feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that was happening, I wrote the words to Some Advice. A reminder to myself that there are some things to be focused on and others to let go of. Some advice for the journey.

I offer up these words to say thanks for taking the time to listen, and hope you enjoy it.

Born and raised in Tennessee, Nathan Wheeler currently resides in Memphis, TN.

You can find Nathan online at:







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