Opening to Spiritual Adventure with Fred Herron

This Spring I got to sit down with Fred Herron, host of Spirituality Adventures, to talk about what it means to live a life of spiritual adventure, and write a new chapter in our lives.

And wow, did we cover a lot of ground! In our time together, we illuminated:

  • The importance of knowing and sharing our spiritual autobiographies
  • Rehab, recovery, and learning from life’s travels
  • Our shared Pentecostal/charismatic heritage — what we’ve kept from it, and what we’ve let go
  • Does “Jesus is my boyfriend” worship music get a bad rap in light of erotic mystical verse from our rich contemplative history?
  • The subterranean history of the Emerging Church movement, the Wild Goose Festival, and early ties to contemplative spirituality
  • The story of how my book with Richard Rohr — The Divine Dance came to be
  • Moving from dualism to holistic seeing via the Law of Three
  • Centering Prayer and Integral Christianity
  • Why Jesus is more tantric than ascetic, and how we can allow more abundance into our lives

There are so many ways you can tune into this life-giving conversation:

Listen via Apple Podcasts

Or watch right here:


Fred and I are joining over 40 other teachers, theologians and podcasters at Theology Beer Camp in Springfield, Missouri this October 19-21! If you want to enjoy conversations and practices that stretch your mind and heart, come hang out with me, Tripp Fuller, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, John Dominic Crossan, Sarah Lane Ritchie, Pete Enns, Roberto Che Espinoza, Adam Clark, Sarah Heath, Kevin Garcia, Shurita Thomas-Tate, Damon Garcia, Mason Mennenga, Leah Robinson, Joerg Rieger, Thomas Jay Oord and so many more.

Let’s connect over tasty food, delicious beverages (including beer and recovery-friendly options), bonfire s’mores and kitschy karaoke!

For full Theology Beer Camp details and to register go right here, and save $25 off your ticket by using my code — OPTIMYSTIC — at checkout!

Wishing you courage and wonder wherever your spirituality adventures take you.

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