“How’s Life, Mike?”

(From March 18, 2006.) After getting a rash of inquiries as to how life is, I’m afraid I imploded from the sheer inquisitiveness of it all.  Now that I’ve managed to readjust to three-dimensional space, I will take a stab at responding to just that.

Where to begin?  I think that you all know that I was married to the lovely Jasmin on January 14; that puts today at just over two months of domestic bliss.  Married life is interesting to say the least, for all of its drama and anticlimactic factors alike.

The two of us are editing and writing like fiends, serving an ever-wide variety of clients with everything from fiction to self-help to spirituality to personal branding to business marketing.  But there’s always more time, and new challenges.  If you think we could be of service, look me up!

What else, what else?  It has been a challenging time of inner reflection and renewal.  Our home church community has been going through a rather turbulent time, as we’ve been asking stretching questions about what sort of people we are and what are the ways we can know God in Christ.  Some of us are plunging into the depths of mystical divine communion, while others in our community are looking to loving strangers in our neighborhood and knowing Jesus in acts of service to humanity.  Most of us are trying to understand–and live with–both.  No single, monolithic answer has emerged, and we’re living in the tension of that.

Jasmin and I personally, we’re looking forward to moving soon with our dear sisters and brothers in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.  We are starting a new community there with about a dozen or so people from Georgia, Florida, and around the country.  Its going to wrock.  If you’d like to move with us, please let us know.

Other than that?  Work on Jasmin and I’s respective books continue apace; I’m going to be meeting with a new author friend, Carl, to discuss our writing at length in the coming week.  He is an awesome guy with a unique story.

I can’t promise I’m going to write too many of these things; I’ll probably wait for a real blog template–coming soon!–before I do that.  Regardless, I hope this finds you well.  Email me or comment here to let me know how you’re doing.  For those of you whom I’ve lost contact with since being married, I apologize.  I shall try to do better soon.

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