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The Tree of Love – Erik Guzman

  The light held her swathed in comfort and filled with peace. She wasn’t afraid of what would happen or sad about the past. She had no sense of the passing of time at all. Everything was right and good, a perfect moment of deep joy. She was safe. She was home. She opened her […]

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The Globalism Challenge: Pre-Packaged Pain or Planetary Patriotism?

In the United States, where I live, a highly contested presidential election is underway. Candidates with widespread popular appeal have been swept away by a bombastic former reality-television star and a decades-experienced Washington insider whom many see as qualified, but uninspiring. Divisions appear to be deepening: Much of the U.S.’s working class is in an […]

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The God of the Singularity – Science Mike

Mike Morrell’s Note: I got to connect and hang out with Mike McHargue – aka Science Mike – this summer at the Wild Goose Festival, thanks to the introduction from our mutual dear friend (and total Renaissance woman) Sarah Heath. Mike’s an amazing man, who’s equally rapid-fire science-y and sincere in pretty much all situations: […]

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Resist Compliance, Be Yourself: Andre Rabe on Imitation, Desire, and a Whole New Faith

Andre Rabe and his wife Mary-Anne are acclaimed traveling teachers and musicians, having lived and served in some of the most obscure corners of the planet. In 2010, with their kids all grown up, Andre and Mary-Anne packed everything they had in two suitcases and took to the road. I recently talked to Andrew to discuss an encounter that changed his […]

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