Raleigh At Last

Well September has arrived and so have we!  Jasmin and I are finally in Raleigh, NC.  It was a long move, but well worth it.  (For those of you reading in Atlanta: We miss you!)  There are about a dozen of us here now, getting together and exploring ways we can know the God who is ever-present in our midst.

With that said, if you’re local–what are you doing this Sunday at 1:00pm?  I ask because we’re having a “debutante ball” of sorts.  Now most of us aren’t “Southern Belle’s” by any stretch, but we are coming out into this wonderful area of yours!  And we want to meet you.  We’re going to have David O’ Connor, a really cool brother from Philadelphia who plants and nurtures house churches…he’ll be working with us as we get started here.

If you have questions about house churching, and/or living in community, this would be the perfect time to come and discuss.  (We have questions too!)  We’re going to be getting together at our place in the Meredith Village apartment complex in Raleigh.

If you can, come out Sunday afternoon.   If you can’t, drop in on us soon.  Over the next month or so in our gatherings (which will probably be on Saturday nights) we’re going to be sharing our stories—who we each are, and what our spiritual pilgrimage has been like thus far.  You’re more than welcome to come hang out with us.

Just shoot me an email through Myspace, or comment here, if you’d like to come out.  I’ll give you my address and such.

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