It’s been forever since I’ve updated my poor beleaguered Xanga site (partially because I’ve been seduced by Myspace), and I figured that you, my faithful readers (both of you) deserved to know what’s been going on.

Well, July is here, and I think it will prove to be a fateful month in the life of me, my wife and my friends.  On Wednesday we leave for Indianapolis, for the occassion of (cue movie title here) my best friend‘s wedding, in which I am the best man.  It’ll be new faces, blasts from the past, and bachelor party madness as my widdle Seth gets all grown up.  Jasmin and I are there ’till Sunday – I hope in the day’s post-wedding lag time we get to meet up with my friends Andy and Nekeisha over at Jesus Radicals.

But then later Sunday we fly out to Denver for the CBA Convention, which is basically this huge retail show for Christian publishers ’round the globe.  Jasmin and I will be staying with the amazing Wes and Judy, and meeting up with many friends, authors, and editors about various projects we have in the hopper.

Then we return home to Lithia Springs…and get ready to move.  (Though hopefully not before a blowout Going Away Party.  More details to come…)  Yes, I am leaving my home state of more than a quarter of a century, and we are moving to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, where we are helping pioneer a new expression of church life – ideally, its an atmosphere of simplicity, respect, and equality – a clergy-less church where anyone can share in the gatherings and where we’re all responsible for the life of the church, getting to know God and each other.

But before our moving truck pulls out, we’ll be spending time at another dear friend’s wedding – Bethany‘s.  Two Irby weddings in one month!

So this month is kinda crazy.  If you live in Georgia, we hope to see you before you leave.  Let’s talk soon, okay?

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